Safety First- 5 Tips to Survive the New Normal


2020 has taught everyone a lesson of the importance of health and safety. With the protocols of “New Normal”, family entertainment centers are facing new challenges to survive with better operational management and safety control.  

There are hidden dangers in family entertainment centers. According to The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it is estimated that 43,405 people in the United States were injured by amusement attractions in 2017.* This is not a trivial number to neglect. It would be very unfortunate if you or your loved ones went to a family entertainment center for fun and got injured miserably at the facility. No one wants it to happen. But in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Sky Zone Trampoline Park has been getting lawsuits charged by customers who get injured in their facilities.  (*Source: Are Amusement Parks Dangerous? (WKW)  &

Accidents can happen and safety is never an out-of-date topic. As the old saying goes, “Better safe than sorry”. So here are 5 tips that would be helpful for your family entertainment centers. 

Tip 1: Give your customers necessary guidance and adequate explanation or training before they start
Tip 2: Make sure every visitor signs up their waiver and your waiver is updated for new conditions
Tip 3: Check your equipment and products stock regularly
Tip 4: Make sure the crowd is under control and keep the cleaning schedule running
Tip 5: Listen to customers and their feedback


Tip 1: Give your customers necessary guidance and adequate explanation or training before they start

A good beginning is half the battle. Do not take it for granted that everyone is familiar with the activities and bring their common sense with them. Many teenagers come to family entertainment centers looking for excitement and thrilling fun. Children might also do risky things out of ignorance. Therefore, an informative explanation can avoid some potential incidents. 

Make sure you have experienced staff members who are passionate to give training and explanation to visitors. Your employees might have explained thousands of times and are having a “burn-out”. Thinking of a more innovative way to impress your visitors? Why not try to order a briefing movie and play it on your TV display/ self-serve Smart Kiosk? Another great advantage of a briefing movie is that it will save a lot of time for your staff, allowing them more time to perform other tasks.

Tip 2: Make sure every visitor signs up their waiver and your waiver is updated for new conditions

You will be amazed at how often people forget to sign up for their waiver before joining the activity without any quality check. An updated waiver, or a disclaimer, can be very important for your business and operation when unexpected issues happen, which is why we provide family entertainment centers all-in-one software to operate seamlessly- after visitors book their activities at the front desk/ online, they will go for registration and sign the waiver. The customer flow is designed in a smooth way that no one will miss the step of waiver and your customers can even sign online before coming to the facility. Isn’t it nice?  

Tip 3: Check your equipments and products stock regularly

Do not think you will be worry-free with signed waivers in hand! A waiver cannot excuse a facility from exposing people to negligent care and supervision, enhanced risks, or hidden dangers that have a high probability of causing injury.

Without regular checks and repairs, it is just a timebomb ticking for an accident. In the long run, it will also cost you more if you ignore the regular maintenance. It is a simple truth, but many people will forget. We can make your life easier with our BMI Back office Stock Management system. It will keep an eye for you on the inventory and send alarming notifications to you when certain stocks are low or some parts need to be repaired/ replaced. The operator can also leave notes and make comments for the next maintenance which helps a lot if you do not have fixed operational staff members. 

Tip 4: Make sure the crowd is under control and keep cleaning schedule running

Due to the “New Normal”, hygiene and sanitation are the golden rules for customers (especially families with children) to visit. Keep cleaning on a regular basis in your family entertainment center. If you are worried about too many visitors in the center and no time for cleaning, you can use our booking and scheduling system to make the crowd under control. Our scheduling system can control the activity capacity of each time slot and as such, there is no need for manual monitoring and asking for visitors to wait in a queue with a 1.5-meter social distance (terrible scenario to imagine, right?).

Tip 5: Listen to customers and their feedback

A very common saying in customer service is, “The customer is always right.” It is not completely correct but it does have a point. Customers will notice things you tend to neglect and give valuable feedback on their experiences. Collect them wisely with our kiosk system in front of the exit! You will get more insight from your customers and make your family entertainment center the best with more happy visitors! 

Interested in this topic? We also provide a guidebook with a checklist for your reopening post-COVID-19 for free! Contact us and ask for it now!