Market your business automat­i­cally

Automate everything from email marketing to in-app notifications with our marketing software. The marketing team can focus on creating campaigns; the software will run them automatically for you. Start making connections where it matters and increase revenue, dwell time and spend per guest per visit.

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Create more relevant campaigns

Collect valuable information about your guests thanks to flawless integrations of marketing tools with registration and booking software. This data can be used to automatically segment your guests and send messages with relevant information via each guest’s preferred channel.

Automate sequences and flows

Write your email campaigns once and see how the system automatically keeps delivering the right email at the right time. You can program the system to send messages in real-time after certain actions, or in the future to follow up after completing an activity. Of course, this also works with text messages, in-app notifications, and other communication channels.

Communicate across channels

Automate your client communications across the channels of their choosing. With our marketing software, it’s easy to set up cross-channel messaging to reach your clients where they’re most likely to read your message.

Customer story

“Automated marketing took my business to the next level. Guests were incentivized to come back for more, and revenue increased up to 5 times more."

Balazs Budias, Battaring Gokartpálya

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