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Release notes February 2024

By Leen Moortgat14 Mar 2024

We are pleased to introduce our updated software version

At BMI Leisure, we’re dedicated to innovation, offering tools that boost opera­tional efficiency and drive revenue. In this version, we’re excited to unveil upgrades and features tailored to your business needs. Here’s a glimpse of what’s new in this update:

Software Release video February 2024

1. Efficient Navigation with the New Search Bar

The new Search Functionality

Find What You Need, Fast: The new search bar in our software might be incon­spicuous or even tiny, but it makes navigating through the system a breeze. Quickly locate menus, pages, or elements, and even get sugges­tions for support center articles that answer your questions. It’s all about making your experience as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

2. Improved Mobile Assistant for karting

Operate on the Go: Experience improved track management on the go with our updated Mobile Assistant for karting. Operate the karting track seamlessly from your mobile device, enabling marshals to handle tasks, make decisions, and monitor opera­tions while on the move.

Assign Karts in the Mobile Assistant

The Mobile Assistant reduces the need for multiple trips around the track and provides easy access to a heat overview. It allows you to manage drivers and kart assign­ments effort­lessly.

Some Key Features:

  • Heat Overview: Access past and upcoming heats with a simple tap.
  • Kart Assignment: Easily assign drivers to karts directly from your mobile device. (Stream­lined Process: The software automat­i­cally moves on to the next driver for efficient kart assignment.)
  • Race Management: Initiate and control races using familiar controls and adjust speed levels as needed.

This example showcases our test system colors; rest assured, once you log in with your creden­tials, the Mobile Assistant colors will align with your timing layout for seamless navigation.

New to the mobile assistant? Learn how to log in with these instruc­tions.

3. Advanced Marketing with Discount Codes

Share the Experience: Recog­nizing the challenges with managing large batches of discount codes, especially single-use ones, we’ve stream­lined the process. Our import function­ality makes creating and adding codes more efficient, allowing for flexi­bility and adherence to best practices.

The new Discount Functionality

Now you can easily share discount codes within your venues, opening up advanced marketing possi­bil­ities. This way, you can offer a variety of customized promo­tions for business partners and guests. Eliminate double work and mitigate the risk of revenue loss by preventing multiple uses of discounts or exposure of public discount codes. This enhancement brings various advan­tages:

  • Efficiency: Save time by avoiding repet­itive work – apply the same promotion across all venues.
  • Guest Experience: Ensure a consistent offer and experience across venues for enhanced customer satis­faction.
  • Cross Venue Promotion: Promote visits across different venues seamlessly.

4. Subscrip­tions and Recurring Payments

Diversify your revenue streams with our subscription feature! As the leisure industry evolves, we under­stand the need for businesses like yours to explore innov­ative avenues for sustained growth. Our software now enables you to effort­lessly implement subscription models, adding more ease to the existing possi­bility to offer passes and member­ships.

With recurring payments, there’s no longer a need for your customers to manually renew their membership or pass, simpli­fying the renewal process and ensuring uninter­rupted access to your services. This stream­lines engagement and secures a consistent revenue flow for your business.

A few examples of what was already possible through passes or member­ships, but can now be simplified through automated recurring payments:

  • VIP Racer Pass: this could include VIP benefits and discounts on activ­ities or events.
  • Trampoline Unlimited Pass: this could include unlimited weekly trampoline sessions while subscribed! Bounce around without additional costs.

Subscrip­tions can be canceled at the Point of Sale (POS), with guests requesting cancel­lation through your website or by phone. The form collects all requests for evalu­ation against your specific cancel­lation policies. Share your policies with us for use in refining the imple­men­tation.

Currently, this function­ality is acces­sible for clients using Mollie as an online payment provider, catering to the majority of our clients. If you use a different provider but are inter­ested in this feature, check if they support recurring payments, and if so, contact your Customer Success Manager for further guidance.

5. Bug Fixes and Improve­ments

Wrapping it up: The latest software version brings not only exciting new features but also stability and perfor­mance improve­ments, along with various bug fixes and enhance­ments.

In summary, this new version intro­duces:

  1. Efficient Navigation with the New Search Bar
  2. Improved Mobile Assistant for karting
  3. Advanced Marketing with Discount Codes
  4. Subscrip­tions and Recurring Payments

That concludes our update! Stay tuned for our next version in June. Thanks for tuning in!