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Release notes October 2023

By Leen Moortgat26 Oct 2023

We are pleased to introduce our updated software version

At BMI Leisure, we under­stand that opera­tional excel­lence is crucial in the leisure industry. Efficiency, seamless bookings, and robust management are essential for ensuring smooth opera­tions. This new version has been metic­u­lously crafted with these funda­mental principles in mind.

In this compre­hensive release, we’ve focused on elevating every aspect of your leisure business, ranging from booking and reser­va­tions to customer engagement, management, and perfor­mance optimization.

Explore the features and refine­ments of this new version below and envision how it can elevate your leisure business.

1. New features

Gate access control: operate cashless and staffless 

Using turnstiles helps control access, validate tickets, boost security, and manage visitor flow, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for all patrons.

We integrated seamlessly with the DAOsafe gate computer. It’s available as a complete turnstile or simply as the access device (the turnstile’s core component).

Validation method:

  1. Visitors scan their member cards. The turnstile permits entry and deducts the credit if the profile’s credit corre­sponds with a valid product in our database.
  2. This system is also set up to work with RFID or NFC technology. Visitors either carry cards or wear wrist­bands with these chips. The turnstile’s sensors pick up the RFID/NFC signals and validate the ticket or pass.

Once the system verifies the credit, it deducts the appro­priate amount. Then, the turnstile briefly unlocks, allowing the visitor to proceed

Mobile Point of Sales: maximize efficiency 

Designed specif­i­cally to manage orders in restau­rants and bars, our Mobile POS system offers a range of function­al­ities to streamline opera­tions, enhance customer service, and manage sales effec­tively. 

With this handheld solution, you can:

  1. Place orders on-the-go: utilize a phone or tablet, to take orders directly at tables or bars. Its adaptable design fits all screen sizes.
  2. Transmit orders instantly: immedi­ately forward orders to the kitchen or bar for prompt prepa­ration.
  3. Order flexibly: handle special requests and offer tailored orders effort­lessly.
  4. Manage table orders: allocate orders to desig­nated tables and shift them as required without hassle.
  5. Expand with ease: deploy the system across various venues while retaining a central management point.

Additionally, the Mobile POS aligns with products catego­rized as food and beverage in our booking software, supporting diverse menus like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2. Improve­ments

Event subscription: optimized flow for groups 

As an operator, you aim for swift regis­tra­tions, especially with large group arrivals. To facil­itate this, guests can now pre-register using a single email address. This allows for efficient management of large groups. Moreover, guests have the flexi­bility to add or remove partic­i­pants, ensuring an accurate and updated guest list. This advanced regis­tration signif­i­cantly speeds up the check-in process on the activity day.

Booking integration API: tailor your online booking journey 

Want more control over the booking journey of your customers? Utilize our Booking Integration API (Appli­cation Programming Interface). This lets you integrate third-party or custom platforms seamlessly alongside the BMI Leisure software for bookings.

Essen­tially, this API serves as a bridge between an external online booking platform and the BMI Leisure software. It facil­i­tates data exchange related to your activity schedules. Key functions include authen­ti­cation, booking creation and retrieval, avail­ability checks, and booking adjust­ments or cancel­la­tions.

Online booking calendar upgrade: instantly see avail­ability 

Our online booking calendar now displays only the dates when activ­ities are available. This is especially useful for activ­ities with limited avail­ability or specific operating days/​dates. Thanks to real-time updates, customers can easily see and trust the latest avail­ability, making their booking experience smoother and more confident.

Safety & positioning: now also for outdoor tracks 

Our timing software’s positioning module now integrates seamlessly with iMylaps GPS transponders. Aside from accurate lap timing, race statistics and visual­ization, all safety benefits of positioning are now acces­sible for outdoor tracks. This enhancement helps race officials and emergency responders in quickly locating karts during accidents or track incidents.

The new software version also includes stability and perfor­mance updates, as well as several bug fixes and enhance­ments.